7 Tips to Never Pay Full Price for Fitness Classes

1. Intro Month Deals

I love to workout in a class setting but refuse to pay the crazy prices for some spin, barre, or yoga classes. Cough, cough Soul Cycle.

No thanks. If you are not picky and are ok with going to the studios with less hype it is easy to find free classes or intro deals.

Start by a quick google search of fitness classes in your area, if you are super nerdy about it make a google doc with various studios in your area and the cost of their intro deals. I often find the first month of unlimited yoga for ($40-$50) in the Seattle area. If you go to 10 classes that is only $4/class!


2. Classpass

If you are like me and still love the big name fitness classes : Flywheel, Y7, Corepower but refuse to pay $25 + a class, head to classpass. If you plan a few days in advance you can usually pay around $15 per class or less in most cities besides NYC. Here is a link for $40 off your first month. *Corepower usually ofters the first 7 days absolutely free, so if you haven’t been give it a try!


3. Groupon

Yes, I still use groupon. Haha, actually recently I have noticed they give you the option to trade in your groupon if it expires so it really feels like a lower risk situation. I have found awesome deals on spin classes in NYC and Seattle. I also use it to spice up my usual routine by finding a 10 pack to a hot yoga studio for those rainy dark days.

4. Eventbrite

If you are looking for FREE, Eventbrite is a great place to check out. You can filter by date and category to easily search for the kind of fitness you are interested in. I feel like this is especially good for yoga classes, and meditation.


5. Meetup

Meetup is an awesome way to connect with people interested in the same hobbies as you. Often you can find running groups, outdoor fitness groups for hiking or climbing. Group fitness does not NEED to be inside. The great outdoors is free, right! Meetup is especially great in summer when you want to be outside!


6. Insurance Discount

If you have health insurance check out your benefits page — your insurer may ofter discounts with a gym they partner with. Worth a look!


7. Community Center Classes

I have found awesome, cheap classes at local community centers. Everything from Zumba to pickle-ball. A quick google search should help you to locate your closest community center and check out the schedule.

Hope these tips help you save some cash! 


minimal fashion bloggers to follow on instagram.

jeanne grey @thegreylayers

Jeanne shows us the dream life. Her Instagram page sets the scene for the dreamy lavish life we all day dream of. She appears to seamlessly float across the globe snapping pictures of herself in the latest minimalist fashion. Timeless but edgy.

Jeanne also peels away layers of herself like a givenchy clad onion. She is a story of success, the “new american dream” from McDonald’s drive through worker to minimalist Instagram success. Props to Jeanne to working for her dream. I don’t think it is that easy to put your curated beautiful life on stage for the world.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 5.21.46 PM

jenny mustard @jennymustard

A self-declared “swedish vegan feminist in berlin lover of everything deliciously designed”. Jenny Mustard gained her fame on  youtube with minimalist with an almost  haunting take on minimalism.  She is Berlin minimalist chic. She has a beautifully curated page and is a great source of inspiration of well executed branding. Her captions, pictures, and video do not stay from her vibe. She is definitely someone to watch over the next year.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 5.54.14 PM.png


carola pojer @viennawedekind

The desheveled (in a good way) minimalist fashion blogger. Her photos look a little more realistic. You can picture youself, not looking quite 100 but maybe an 85, but still looking bomb in simple but edgy styles. Carola has a great no nonsense look to her but also couples that attitude with some very soft looks.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 6.08.19 PM.png

madison @minimalmajor

Madison is the #LA take on minimalist style. She presents a more colorful and quirky instagram page. She is not afraid to stray from the norm. California dreamy, you can picture yourself wearing little flirty dresses going from beach to dinner under the warm southern California sun.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 6.16.24 PM.png


Poshmark: A Beginners Guide To Selling 2017

Hello future Poshmark slayers.

Screen shot 2017-08-01 at 2.57.50 PM

I have had a great experience selling both slightly used and new items on Poshmark. I started selling on Poshmark to sell a few items I had never worn, but I graduating to purchasing new items which I flip on Poshmark for a profit!

you are new to Poshmark here are a few tips to help get you started.  Next week I will go over how I buy and resell new clothing to make $100’s of extra dollars per month.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an app where you can sell and buy clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.

How do I get on Poshmark?

Download the Poshmark app. Use the code UVEOD and you to get $5 off your first purchase.

What should my username be? 

Once you pick a username you cannot go back and change it, so make sure you pick a name that is eye catching. Top Poshers have catchy names that reflect what they are selling.

Names I love:





What can I sell on  SELLS Poshmark?

Go to the Poshmark home page, the brands and categories they’re advertising are going to be their best sellers. Think about it this away, as a buyer what are you most likely to purchase without being able to return it? A brand you already trust, and items where you don’t have to worry about sizing.

I have had the most success selling…

  1. Womens shoes (sizes 7-9)
  2. Bags
  3. Althletic clothing
  4. Accessories

These some of the best selling Brands…

  1. Lululemon
  2. Anthropologie
  3. Free People
  4. Alex & Ani
  5. Madewell
  6. Steve Madden
  7. Dolce Vita
  8. Nike
  9. Kylie Cosmetics
  10. J Crew

Poshmark Fees

For all sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat commission of $2.95.

For sales of $15 or more,  Poshmark’s commission is 20%.

Once your sale has been delivered and received by your buyer, the earnings from your sale are yours.

How Does Shipping Work on Poshmark? 

Easy, this is one of the best parts about selling on Poshmark. All you have to do is print out the label and add it on to your USPS priority shipping box, don’t make the mistake of using a flat rate box.

Add a special touch by wrapping your items nicely and adding a thank you card.

Poshmark provides a flat rate of $6.49 for expedited shipping for all orders.
Each order is shipped using 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail.
Shipping is paid for by the buyer.
Multiple items from one seller can be added to a bundle.
*Keep in mind, if a package is over 5 pounds the seller has to pay any additional charges.


How Do I Price an Item? 

Always search on Poshmark for the item you would like to sell, filter by “sold” and see how much your item has sold for in the past.

Keep in mind buyers love to make offers and are excited when they can save even more on an already discounted item.

I suggest pricing items higher by 10% – 15% so you can accept reasonable offers and still make your desired profit. This also helps with customer satisfaction ratings! A buyer will come back if they know you accept offers. 



  1. Use a clear stock photo if available.


2.  Take a beautiful picture of your product in great natural light. Many Poshers like to place their items on a fluffy rug, but if you can be more original go for it! In my opinion the rug is slightly overdone.

Stand out, you will  have a better selling items for more. Additionally, If you have tags include them in a picture, it helps build trust with potential buyers.


3. Include a close up shot of Item details, since there are no returns on Poshmark you have to go overboard on providing pictures and giving great descriptions.

Buyers want to have a lot of information before purchasing your product. Especially if you plan to sell high end items!


4. Take pictures of all blemishes. Include a description of the stain or blemish in your product description. For example “Has a makeup stain on the inside interior ( see pics) otherwise in Excellent condition.”



Include as many details as you can! Include material, dimensions, if a small really fits like a medium etc. Buyers will ask you these questions so it saves you time to include this information.

Poshmark Social Tips

SHARE your closet at least twice a day. This will keep your items at the top of the page under recently shared. This is the filter where Poshmark shoppers are taken to automatically.

SHARE other peoples items and people will share your items back. This is the golden ticket to getting your product seen by a wide range of shoppers.      

THE best time to list your items is in the evening on Thursdays and Fridays. This is when Poshmark is most active. Most of my sales happen from Thursday – Sunday. 

You can also share your items to Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. This will boost your views, Poshers who post on social media draw in 20% more traffic!

App Store Reviews:

“Really great community, and great way to help reuse unwanted clothes. Many beautiful items for great prices!”
“You’ll never shop any other way. Addicting for sure. Moderators do a great job deleting fake items. Great group of sellers on here willing to help other sellers. Just love this app & site!”
Hope these tips helped! Please leave a comment if you have any questions, happy to dive in deeper to my experience with Poshmark.