Find Balance in 2018 : Break Free From Harmful Tech Use

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“The ingredients of both darkness and light are equally present in all of us,…The madness of this planet is largely a result of the human being’s difficulty in coming to virtuous balance with himself. ” @gilbertliz

In a physical sense, having a sense physiological sense of  balance helps animals and humans from not falling over when standing or walking. To achieve that sense of balance several body systems need to be working effectively together. Most important are the eyes (visual system), ears (vestibular system) and the body’s awareness of  it’s location in space (proprioception).

To be your best self you also need to have balance in your own life. Think of the major responsibilities you have:

  • work
  • family & friends
  • self
  • society

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In the last decade technology has infiltrated our lives and completely changed how we spend our time.

“Technology has become an extra limb for some of us. It’s important to utilize this technology, but at the same time it’s important to know when to take a break from it.” Alex Broches

It certainly has for me.

You know that feeling when your phone is on 19% that little red battery brings near panic. What do you do when you are on the toilet? Odds are you are checking the news or your social media. This is how you know how strong technology has a hold on us.

“Teens are spending more than one-third of their days using media such as online video or music — nearly nine hours on average, according to a new study from the family technology education non-profit group, Common Sense Media. For tweens, those between the ages of 8 and 12, the average is nearly six hours per day.” The Washington Post

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Many of us have adopted these practices with ease and have started to have realizations on the sever impact they are having on our day-to-day mental health.

You all have already taken the first step by recognizing that technology is negatively affecting your life but are not sure how to stop.

  1. Meditation
  2. Try Something Scary
    • This could be anything from public speaking to taking a Pilates class. Life is short, ask yourself why you are uncomfortable with something. Chances are you need to dig deeper. Focus on what makes you uncomfortable because those are areas that could lead to great change.
  3. Stop Drinking (even for two weeks)
  4. Ask your best friend for a book recommendation.
  5. Call your mom
    • she won’t be around forever, and chances are she would love to hear from you.
  6. Take a friend out for coffee
    • and pay! Giving feels better than recieving

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I will leave you with a poem:

If you want to be free,
Get to know your real self.
It has no form, no appearance,
No root, no basis, no abode,
But is lively and buoyant.
It responds with versatile facility,
But its function cannot be located.
Therefore when you look for it,
You become further from it;
When you seek it,
You turn away from it all the more.
– Linji


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