3 Sensual Yoga Moves To Relieve Stress

Feeling overwhelmed, on edge, or anxious?

Yoga can be a powerful tool for easing the uncomfortable symptoms that come with stress. These moves will help to clear your mind and re-focus your energy.

Forward Bend

Asset 14

Forward bends help to turn us inward. This pose also helps to release the hamstrings, which can get bound up when you’re stuck in fight-or-flight mode.

Time: 1 min

This name makes me lol. But it honestly feels sooo good.

Time: 30 seconds

This is an ah-mazing hip opener.  We hold tension is held in the hips. This pose will gently release tension and may even help you let go of some of that stress that has not been serving you. You will likely feel a very tight pull towards the outside of your hip, relax and breathe your way through the tightness. Sometimes it helps to have a blanket for support.

Asset 16.png
Time: 30 seconds each side

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